Beavercreek Garden Center:
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2074 Beaver Valley Rd
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434
Ph: (937) 427-4110
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Centerville Garden Center:
Mon-Sat: – 9am-5pm
Sun: – 11am-5pm
6000 Far Hills Ave
Centerville, Ohio 45459
Ph: (937) 434-1326
Landscape: (937) 274-1154

Why Native Plants?

Native plants have been fine-tuned by eons of adaptation to fit our area like a glove on nature’s hand, made just for our soil and climate, and so have considerably less need for pesticides, fertilizers, soil amending, and often even pruning and watering.. …Read More.

Seeing some
winter damage?

Confused about a shrub that’s dead at the top this spring? Does it look normal up a few inches from the ground then look brown or have no leaves? You’re not alone. One of the most common things we are seeing this year are dead tops. It was not caused by the latest of a long line of invasive pests or diseases, but by Santa Claus. Well, sort of. Remember that polar vortex right around Christmas with extremely low temperatures and blistering wind that made it painful to be outside? Well, your plant does too.

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Siebenthaler Staff Favorite

Kathy from Centerville Store
-Bat-faced Plant

We at Siebenthalers have some of the top Plant Experts in the Miami Valley. Every month we’ll have a different Expert tell you about their favorite plants.  Through this post we hope to introduce you to some interesting seasonal plants that you may not know about. …Read More.

Project Profiles

A Casual Gathering Spot

by Dwight Goodin

I met with the customer at their home and listened to all of the goals that she hoped to achieve with the project.  Since they already had a generous sized deck attached to the house, I asked how many people this space needed to accommodate, and in what way the new space might be used.  I took the information I gathered from the conversation, pictures I took of the property, the measurements I needed, and worked out a plan.

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Nursery News

Barn Fire and Rebuilding


On Thursday 4/14/22, The Siebenthaler Company lost a piece of its history and tradition. The large white barn, which was raised in the early 1800s at our Beavercreek nursery, caught fire and burnt to the ground. We noticed smoke in the basement of the barn just after 4:00. By the time the firefighters arrived shortly after, the blaze was beyond control. The majority of the barn was completely burned through in mere minutes.. …Read More.