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Centerville Garden Center:
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Whether you’re building a new home or redoing an outdated Landscape, we want to ensure that the designs intent for your property is well thought out and harmonizes with how your plants mature throughout their lifetime. This can be done by working with one company through the design process, installation, and maintenance of your landscaping. Siebenthalers can handle the entire process for you. Our design teams, installation crews, and maintenance crews are each specialized in their respective fields. Our maintenance crews will ensure that the future of your landscaping folds out as intended. A properly maintained landscape is something that must be done to ensure the design aesthetic is accomplished long term. We see the importance of this so as long as Siebenthalers Maintains the Landscaping that we installed, we extend our warranty on our plants, to a LIFETIME WARRANTY. There is a minimum number of visits required to be involved with the lifetime warranty which we will discuss below.

• There would be 3 visits a year. Dependent upon the property, it may not be the least expensive.

• These visits would occur Feb – April, June – July and Oct – November respectively.

• This package qualifies any plants purchased with Siebenthalers to retain a lifetime warranty.

• This program would add 2 additional visits for a total of 5 times a year.

• In addition to the visits stated above, these 2 additional visits would be conventional maintenance visits.
The first additional visit would be scheduled in late May or early June.

• The second additional visit would be scheduled for September and would focus on weed control, insect control, deadheading and general cleanup.

• This package qualifies any plants purchased with Siebenthalers to retain a lifetime warranty.

• This program would add 2 additional visits for a total of 7 times a year.

• We would be on site once monthly from the beginning of Spring through the fall cleanup in November.

• The frequency of this program allows us the best monitoring of many horticultural needs for your plant material. Some of these needs are site specific, like watering and weed control and can be addressed much easier with a monthly frequency.

• This package qualifies any plants purchased with Siebenthalers to retain a lifetime warranty.

First, here are just a few of the Maintenance areas that Siebenthaler will cover.

  • Shrub & Tree Pruning
  • Perennial Gardening Maintenance
  • Planting of Bulbs & Annuals
  • Water Garden Maintenance
  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Emerald Ash Borer Treatment
  • Spring & Fall Cleanups
  • Supplemental Watering
  • Custom Potting
  • Proper Mulching
  • Edging of Beds
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization

When looking at your Landscape old or new, you may not know how to properly maintain your landscape or simply don’t have time. This is where we recommend at least a ‘3 times per year’, maintenance program to be involved in our LIFETIME WARRANTY. This maintenance plan is our most basic to be included in the warranty but can be customized to fit your landscaping needs to once a month or even once a week. Here is just one example of how the essential 3 visits might unfold (site and program varies as needed).

Spring Cleanup

  • Cleaning leaves and debris from beds
  • Cut winter damage from plantings
  • Weeding bed areas
  • Cutting back ornamental grasses as needed
  • Mulching bed areas
  • Apply Pre-emergent to non bulb areas
  • Apply proper fertilizers

Summer Prunning

  • Trim Evergreen and Deciduous Shrubs
  • Weeding bed areas
  • Apply Pre-emergent
  • Apply proper fertilizers
  • Dead head perennials

Fall Cleanup

  • Trim shrubs when necessary
  • Clear bed of leaves and debris
  • Weeding bed areas
  • Dead head perennials
  • Apply Pre-emergent
  • Apply proper fertilizer

Simple maintenance program will work to keep many landscapes in check and looking immaculate, but each landscape depending on size, location, and surroundings can widely vary. This means you may need an individual plan tailored to your yard. If you are interested in participating in our Maintenance program please go the the Designer Request page and fill out the required information and let us do the rest of the work for you.