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Barn Fire and Rebuilding


On Thursday 4/14/22, The Siebenthaler Company lost a piece of its history and tradition. The large white barn, which was raised in the early 1800s at our Beavercreek nursery, caught fire and burnt to the ground. We noticed smoke in the basement of the barn just after 4:00. By the time the firefighters arrived shortly after, the blaze was beyond control. The majority of the barn was completely burned through in mere minutes.

Rebuilding towards the future


The fire that destroyed our historic barn was a devastating blow, but we can choose to focus on making a positive out of this situation. The opportunity to rebuild provides a chance to create a modern, functional structure while also preserving the rich history and character of the original barn. With thoughtful planning and design, we can ensure that the new barn serves our needs and reflects the values and traditions that made the original structure so special.

We’re sharing a gallery of our progress in rebuilding our new barn


Our beautiful old barn might be gone, but the best news was that no one was hurt.
Our plants and historic buildings are great, but our people are our very best attribute. And with them, we still have what makes us special. Although I can’t promise we’ll be around for another 152 years, I certainly can promise that we will still be able to meet Miami Valley’s needs as your home town plant experts this spring and for many springs to come. I look forward to seeing you all in our garden centers and on landscape jobsites this year. Happy Gardening and thank you for your continued patronage, it means a lot to a local family business like ours.