Beavercreek Garden Center:
Mon – Sat:  9am-5pm
Sun:  11am-5pm
2074 Beaver Valley Rd
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434
Ph: (937) 427-4110
Wholesale: (937) 426-5729

Centerville Garden Center:
Mon – Sat: 9am-5pm

Sun: 11am-5pm
6000 Far Hills Ave
Centerville, Ohio 45459
Ph: (937) 434-1326
Landscape: (937) 274-1154

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We offer year-round work, overtime, benefits, and a great working environment. Wages based on experience. Apply today to help with fall planting season.



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This 150th Anniversary Year is going to be a fun one! Keep checking back to see what’s new.

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Exclamation London Planetree

Fast growing shade tree. Foliage is medium green in summer, turning yellowish in the fall. Habit is an upright pyramid. Fruit is a 1" ball. Easy to grow. Timesaver.


Perfecta Chinese Juniper

Upright, narrow-pyramidal selection with attractive foliage throughout the year. Appropriate choice for smaller spaces. Tolerates rocky soil, drought and air pollution. Deer resistant, attracts birds.


Celebration Freeman Maple

Upright, symmetrical, seedless, shade tree useful in larger landscapes. Foliage is a rich green, transforming in the fall initially to a dull red, then a clear gold. Develops a good branching form. Disease resistant. Drought and higher pH tolerant. Fast growing. Timesaver.


With a veteran landscape design team, your project will be geared for success from the start!

Contact our landscape design team to start your next project off right!

We grow most of our own plants on our 250+ acre Beavercreek Nursery. Our plants are accustomed to our local soils and weathers.

Check out our Plant Finder to find the perfect trees and shrubs for your yard!

With a track record of almost 150 years of dependable service and growing knowledge we know how to keep your landscape alive. But we’re here for you when things go wrong, and we plan to be for the next 150 years.

Have a concern? Contact our Customer Service Representative Joe Parrett


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The prices are little higher than others but the service and the quality of
what they grow on sites make it worth it.

Anna Rose
– Google Reviews –

Great selection. Some hard to find houseplants can be found here. My sansevieria was so healthy when I bought it! It’s growing like crazy for me!

Brenda Hawley
– Google Reviews –

Knowledgeable and helpful staff, large selection & great quality. However the plants here are a more expensive than Home Depot or other places.

Tim Dale
– Google Reviews –

So many things to choose from and the staff are awesome and so helpful!

Britnie Koon
– Google Reviews –

Dan, Sandy, and every other employee there was EXCELLENT, professional, friendly, helpful. I recommend Siebenthalers Centerville. They have EVERYTHING. Great Experience. Will visit to shop again.

Hope Goldsmith
– Google Reviews –

A little pricey hit worth it! Wide variety of all kinds of plants. Good quality, friendly staff and a company cat that keeps outdoor critters away.

Pam Hayes
– Google Reviews –

I could go on about this place all day long! My first visit was lovely. Their staff was exteremely helfpul and attentive, there were so many plants, flowers, and trees to pick from that I ended up buying twice as many as planned! All of the plants seemed healthy and vibrant. They have a bevy of products to tend to your plant life as well.

Lisa May
– Google Reviews –


Check the whole list of landscaping services we offer and select what is the appropriate one for you.

  • Complete Design/Install
  • Horticultural Maintenance
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Spring & Fall Cleanup
  • Stone & Hardscaping