Piggyback Plant Tips and Care


Piggyback Plant Tips and Care

Tolmiea menziesii

The Piggyback plant, orTolmiea menziesii, is a fun and interesting houseplant because of the “babies” that grow on the older leaves. They cause the foliage to hang downward, making it a wonderful basket plant. The lobed leaves are sort of hairy, darker on the top than underneath, and resemble maple leaves.

It likes bright light, but no direct sun, which will burn the leaves. Keep the soil evenly moist – except in the winter when it requires less. 

Piggybacks also like cool to cold temperatures, so cool rooms will not bother them as long as they get the light they need. Do not let your plant get into any drafts from open doors or windows or from heat blowing through ducts, as this will cause the leaves to scorch.

The piggyback is not a heavy feeder so an all purpose fertilizer is sufficient, and it will benefit from being repotted every year. To propagate, remove the plantlets and press them into some moist soil to root.