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  The four-lined plant bug Red Thread in lawns Dollar Spot on grass

 Hi Frequent Gardeners, 

 We are seeing some problems in the gardens recently, and wanted to share some helpful hints with you in case you are suffering with these problems. 

  • Once again, because of the rain and high humidity we are seeing problems with tomatoes. Leaf spots, yellowing and/or wilting can be caused by disease or environmental issues. It is best to let us see a sample and determine what the problem may be. Preventative applications of a fungicide is not a bad idea. Use Bonide Fungonil, Bonide Vegetable 3 in 1 or Bonide Copper.  
  • Many perennials have been suffering from damage by the 4-lined plant bug (see above picture.) Blackening foliage, starting as small spots and growing to include whole leaves is easy to spot. Most perennials can be cut back a little to remove affected foliage and begin spraying with Bonide Eight or Bonide Neem Oil.  
  • Several different insects are bothering roses. If the leaves are heavily damaged and the plant is done with the first blooming, cut the plant back by half and start spraying with one of the following; Bonide Rose Shield, Bonide Rx 3 in 1 or apply Bonide Systemic Rose Drench. 
  • Although we have had lots of rain, be sure to keep an eye on your newly planted material. Different areas around town have gotten different amounts of rain. Don't let your newly planted plant material get too thirsty!! :)

    Because of the rains and high humidity, we are seeing browning patches in the lawns. We have identified Red Thread and Dollar Spot but other issues may also be present. An application of Bonide Infuse, either a dry application with a spreader or a liquid ready to spray, will start controlling the spread of the disease. An application of a summer fertilizer will help the lawn, push out new growth in the affected areas. 

Happy Gardening,

Laura K. Siebenthaler Fanning 
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Excellent job

John and the crew did an excellent job. We are very pleased with the new look of our yard. Thanks so much!!

John H

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