Free Hydrangea Seminar

Sunday, April 19th @ 2:00 pm
Centerville Garden Store
Roger Hawkins, our South Store Nursery Supervisor, will talk about how and where to grow and maintain Hydrangeas.He will review varieties that work best in our area; along with the light, feeding and requirements need to grow a healthy shrub.

Krazy Kodedamas Workshops

Sunday, April 19th 
2:00 pm @ Centerville Garden Store
Materials Free $30
Kokedama translated means "Moss Ball". It is the practice of surrounding a root system in a mud cake and then wrapping the 'whole mess' in moss before winding it in string. Participants will be instructed on the proper soil combination and care of these stunning plants.


 Hi Frequent Gardeners, 


You can tell it is spring at Siebenthaler's. We have lots of fun activities going on in the Garden Stores, plus new trucks arriving daily with freshly dug plant material. Be sure to visit and maybe learn a little something new. Our staff is so excited to share and show you all the new things we have! 


Finally, it is time for our annual Spring Open House. We are sooo ready to host this event after the long winter we had!! (notice....I said HAD. Is that wishful thinking on my part?!) Just a friendly reminder; Siebenthaler's plants are grown locally. Due to the cold temperatures we've had, some things are not ready to sell. We want you to have success with your gardening so we make sure our plants sold are fully rooted and strong. The frost free date in this area is May 15th, so try to be patient. The season is just getting started!!


2015 Frequent Gardener Members Shop Early Day is Thursday, April 23rd from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. As always, you will receive a 20% discount  on in-stock non-sale merchandise if you have a 2015 membership. Still need to renew? It is no problem. You can simply do it on Thursday! Come enjoy a grilled hot dog and shop early, before the crowds! 


The Spring Open House is againTWO days this year! You may shop Saturday, April 25th (9-6) & Sunday, April 26th (10-5) and receive a 15% discount on in-stock/non-sale merchandise. Of course, we will be restocking all week long so we are ready for your visit. 


Just want to share with you.....Nimblewill is showing up in lawns now as bleached, dead looking patches that are not greening up along with the grass. Nimblewill is a difficult weed to control. The plant is perennial and reseeds, so you must stay on top of it with controls at different times. A pre-emergent early in the spring will give some control of the seed. Recently available is the product Tenacity....which must be sprayed 2-3 times starting in early June when the week is in active growth. It will bleach the weeds, causing white patching in the lawn. The last application should be mid-July, giving the lawn pleanty of time to get ready for re-seeding in late August. 


Also, don't forget to enter the $5,000 Landscape Sweepstakes. All you need to do is LIKE our facebook page or enter the sweepstakes if you already liked our page. We will be announcing the winner on Facebook on May 5th. The landscaping must be completed between May 5th and the end of June. If you have questions about our landscape department, go to our website at and see some of the work we have done or get information about our landscape department. They are an award winning group of designers! 


I hope to see you soon in our garden stores........maybe at the Kokodama Workshop, Free Hydrangae Seminar or Spring Open House. After the cold February & March, we are appreciating spring and ready to get out in our gardens and yards. We have all the supplies; freshly dug nursery plants and annuals & perennials.......everything you need to get outside and enjoy!! 


2015 Frequent Gardener Members

Spring Open House

Thursday, April 23rd from 9:00 - 8:00
(20% OFF All In-Stock/Non-Sale Merchandise)

Spring Open House

Saturday, April 25th; 9-6 & Sunday, April 26th; 10-5
15% Off 
(receive discount on all in-stock/non-sale merchandise)

 Do what you love!

Download our application and drop it off at your nearest Siebenthaler's. Every year we add teammates for landscape, garden center, and nursery work.

We are currently accepting applications for:


Beavercreek Garden Center- Tree and shrub sales, cashiers, green house customer service

Centerville Garden Center- Tree and shrub sales, carry outs, cashiers, green house plant care and customer service

Landscape- Landscape architect, landscape design/sales assistant, drafting assistant, crew members

Beavercreek Nursery- assistant grower, general handyman and equipment operator

Garden Center Hours
Centerville Garden Center
Monday - Saturday 9a - 6p
Sunday 11a - 5p

Beavercreek Garden Center
Monday - Saturday 9a - 6p
Sunday 11a - 5p

My experience was wonderful!

My experience was wonderful! My yard never looked better. Thank you for all your hard work!

Rachel S

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