False Aralia Tips and Care


False Aralia Tips and Care

Dizygotheca elegantissima

As its species name implies, this is another very elegant form of aralia. The five-fingered leaflets of this plant are very narrow and slightly serrated. When the new foliage first emerges, the leaves are glossy and almost copper colored. As the leaves mature, they darken until they are almost black.

When selecting a false aralia, look for a plant with many stems. It tends to loose its older leaves as it matures, and a multi-stemmed plant will look better longer. It can grow 4-6 feet tall.

False aralia prefers average indoor temperatures and shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures lower than 60º. Provide lots of humidity by standing it on a humidity tray. It likes lots and lots of light, but avoid direct afternoon sun.

False aralia will do its best when allowed to dry slightly between watering. Aoid letting it stand with water in the saucer. Fertilize regularly with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer, following the directions on the package.