Calathea Tips and Care


Calathea Tips and Care

Calathea is a beautiful houseplant with mottled or striped leaves in a variety of patterns. Bright indirect light is excellent, but lower light will be tolerated. Very low light will not be.

The soil for Calathea should be well drained. Use plenty of coarse material in the soil mix to help water flow through. Never allow roots to be soaked with standing water but they do enjoy a damp soil.

Calathea wants high humidity and high temperatures as well. Indoors, mist several times a week to provide added humidity. You may also fill a saucer with pebbles and water and set the plant on the pebbles. This creates humidity around the plant.

Feed often but lightly in spring and throughout the summer growing period. Use a general houseplant fertilizer, following the directions on the package.