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Zamioculcas zamiifolia is commonly called the “ZZ plant”. Interior plantscapers are finding the ZZ to be an exceptional performer in any light. Especially the low light levels where few plants perform well.

This plant has very dark green, shiny foliage. In fact you would think that the plant has been shined. It is very upright in growth habit, and prefers to be pot-bound. They tend to get a bit floppy if placed in too big of a pot.

Fertilize with a general houseplant fertilizer, following the recommendations on the package. The soil should be a basic potting soil that drained well.

The ZZ is different in a few ways than most foliage plants. It has an underground tuber like potato that stores water. This allows the plant the ability to go for long periods with no water. The thick leaves hold water as well as the fleshy stems. Light to moderate watering every 7-14 days will keep this plant at peak health. Do not allow a ZZ to sit in water or root rot may occur.