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Abby from the
Beavercreek Nursery

Pick for Favorite Plant
– False Lilac

1) Plant Common name – Chinese Leptodermis (False Lilac)

2) Plant Botanical name – Leptodermis oblonga

3) What makes this plant amazing? A Blooming Machine, no fuss / no muss.  Easy to Grow

4) How much light does it need? Sunny location / at least ½ day

5) Does it like water all the time or does it like to be dry? Does not like a wet spot needs drainage and can take a dry spot.

6) How large does it grow?  Height 0-3’ / 18” Width- upright at first.

7) Does it need to be trimmed? If so how often?  Can be trimmed in the summer after it blooms. It does best (more flowers) if cut back.

8) Does it have something that makes it unique?  A no problems plant, blooms lilac colored flowers

9) Do you need to fertilize? With what and how often?  No need to fertilize.

10) Does it bloom? Blooms late spring, long lasting bloom time in spring 4-6 weeks, then intermittent bloom in the summer.

11) Does it have a fragrance? Yes, it has a nice fragrance.

12) Is it poisonous to pets? No

13) Ease of growing?  Easy Peasy, plant and forget.

14) Can it go outside for summer/inside for winter?  No, it is an outside plant.

15) Can it be propagated easily? It can be divided from the suckers it produces.

16) Any additional ‘pearls of wisdom’ about this favorite plant?  Can be transplanted easily, bees and butterflies love it.


Philodendron Verrucosum

Philodendron Xanadu Cutleaf

Philodendron Paraiso Verde