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Sara from the
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Pick for Favorite Plant

1) Plant Common name – Philodendron

2) Plant Botanical name – Philodendron

3) What makes this plant amazing? There are soooo many varieties. The Philodendron is super easy to care for! Good beginner plant.

4) How much light does it need? Bright indirect light. Around 4-6 hours per day is perfect. No direct sun! Plant will burn.

5) Does it like water all the time or does it like to be dry? Philodendron plant should be allowed to dry out in between waterings. Water about once a week. They love humidity – PERFECT for bathrooms!

6) How large does it grow? Vining varieties will continue to grow until cut.  Typically, the Philodendron will max out around 3 to 5 feet.

8) Does it have something that makes it unique? The Philodendron has so many neat varieties! Literally has varieties that are every color of the rainbow.

9) Do you need to fertilize? With what and how often? Yes. Slow release granular preferred. All purpose indoor/houseplant.

10) Does it bloom? Not typically known to bloom. It will, however, at maturity with the right growing conditions.

11) Does it have a fragrance? No.

12) Is it poisonous to pets? Unfortunately, yes. The Philodendron contains Calcium Oxalate crystals and will irritate gastrointestinal tract, mouth and stomach.

13) Ease of growing?  Most are super easy to grow and perfect for beginners.  Certain exotic (and expensive) versions require more specific water and light to grow to full potential. Example: Pink Princess…  more light = more pink!

14) Can it go outside for summer/inside for winter? Philodendron does well outside during the summer as long as they avoid direct sunlight. They need more shade. Certainly, bring them in before it get cold.

15) Can it be propagated easily? Philodendron are extremely easily propagated, as long as a node is present on the cutting. They can be started in the water or directly in soil.

16) Any additional ‘pearls of wisdom’ about this favorite plant? Some believe owning a Philodendron may bring good luck and good fortune.


Philodendron Verrucosum

Philodendron Xanadu Cutleaf

Philodendron Paraiso Verde