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Grow peperomias with all green leaves in bright light, but not direct sunlight. A west window or east an window shaded by a transparent curtain works best. Peperomias with variegated leaves can tolerate more light and need more light to generate bright colors. These plants can be grown in an unshaded east window or a shaded south window.

Give peperomias warm temperatures of at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Peperomias will tolerate most temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but prefer temperatures no higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Treat a peperomia like a tropical plant. It is important to remember that peperomias, despite the fact that many have thick, succulent leaves, are not in fact succulents. They are more like tropical plants and require high humidity. Placing the plants on trays of pebbles and misting the foliage once a week will help give them the humidity they need.

Water peperomias sparingly since over-watering will cause them to drop leaves. This is one area where peperomias differ from a lot of other tropical plants. They should be watered only when their soil has dried out. If growing in a west or east window, they will need water once every 2 weeks and perhaps slightly more often. If you can not feel moisture by sticking your finger most of the way down to the bottom of the pot, it is probably safe to water a peperomia.

Repot peperomias only when their roots have wrapped fully around the bottom of their pots. Peperomias have few roots and therefore should not be repotted often. They are unlikely to need pots larger than 4 inches.