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It is often called Money Tree and is a favorite plant of feng-shui decorators. It is grown to bring good luck and money into your home. You will find Money Trees in many sizes, from bonsai to large trees. Most of the trees will have their trunks braided. The rationale in braiding the trunks is also based on the feng shui theory. The leaves will bring in the money and the braided trunks will act as a cage where money gets trapped into their home. 

Pachira needs plenty of light; however avoid direct sunlight during the hot months of the year because its leaves may get sunburned. Increase humidity by spraying the plant with water once a week or place the pot on top of a wet pebble tray.

Its soil should be light and should contain some sand to ensure adequate drainage. Do not let the pot sit on water and always empty excess water from the pot tray. Fertilize regularly with a general houseplant fertilizer, following the directions on the package.

You can trim its leaves if they get too big for your taste or even if you want to control or change the shape of the plant. New leaves will appear in only a few days time. New beautiful leaves will quickly replace leaves that turn yellow and fall off.