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Project Profile by Designer Zack Osterday

A New Beautiful Focal Point

Josh & Ashley contacted our office in September of 2022, wanting to discuss landscaping for their backyard. They had recently purchased their home and had removed a pool in the backyard. They wanted this space to be replaced by a garden to act as the focal point of the backyard. When I met with the couple, they had a few books with ideas of what they were thinking, they were going for an Asian style garden. They also went through their personal needs and budgeting for the project.

Using what they had shown me, and using some of my own material, I created the main idea for the garden. After, I went back through, based on notes from Josh and the size of the area, I picked out the best plants to fit the space.

The yard had a large row of Arborvitae lining the back of the yard leftover from the pool, which they wanted to keep; this would act as a great backdrop to their garden. Above the backyard, there are several power cables so we had to be cautious of the type of shrubs or trees that we picked. When the first version of the design was completed, it was slightly over budget. We needed to reevaluate the design.

After meeting with the client a second time, we discussed which parts of the garden were more important to them. Among many decisions, we decided to cut down on the number of plants, and removed some trees from the design to help the cost get to the budget limit. 

They now have a beautiful, living design to enjoy for years to come!