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January is for the Birds

Ohio is a great place to set up a winter bird feeder. If you want to join in with others in this joyful pastime, you have come to the right place!

This article tells all about how and why to feed winter birds in Ohio. It also shows you pictures of some of the common winter feeder birds you can expect, along with brief identification. And this page tells you what foods to offer to attract these birds to your backyard.

Winter weather in Ohio is cold, very cold. Temperatures are slightly warmer as one moves south in the state. But that is relative. The average low temperature for the state in January is 15˚ F (-9.4˚ C). Snowfall amounts are also deeper in the north (especially the northeast) than in the south.

You might think that birds would be absent in these harsh winter conditions. But no. There are many birds in Ohio in winter, even in your backyard. But with snow frequently covering the natural food, birds will quickly come to your bird feeder! …Read More.

Nursery News

Plant Propagation

In order to maintain a constant supply of evergreens, we begin a process called plant propagation every winter. In mid-December, we take small cuttings off or existing boxwoods, arborvitae, and taxus and stick them in a media mixture of 50% Perlite and 50% sand. …Read More

Featured Seasonal Plant

Flamingo Lily

We at Siebenthalers have some of the top Plant Experts in the Miami Valley. Every month we’ll have a different Expert tell you about their favorite plants.  Through this post we hope to introduce you to some interesting seasonal plants that you may not know about. …Read More.

What is happening in your yard…

Cold Weather Composting

The sight of steam rising from a compost pile on a cold winter day is sure to warm the heart of every gardener. It’s a sign that when spring comes, you’ll have a batch of fresh compost to use for getting seeds and transplants off to a healthy start in your garden. …Read More

Plant Tends for 2023

2023 NGB “Year of” Plants

Each year the National Garden Bureau selects one annual, one perennial, one bulb crop, one edible, one houseplant, and one shrub as our “Year of the” crops. Plants are chosen because they are popular, easy-to-grow, widely adaptable, genetically diverse, and versatile. …Read More.