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Jade plants are tough, easy-to-grow succulents. They grow well in containers and like the warm, dry conditions found in most homes. They can live for a very long time and grow into small trees or shrubs up to 5 feet tall indoors.

Like many succulent plants, jades prefer the full sun or bright filtered light of a south-facing window. Jade plants do best where they get four or more hours a day of direct sunlight. They do best with temperatures between 55 – 70 F.

Soil should be kept moist but not wet while plants are actively growing in spring and summer. During the winter, let the soil dry between waterings. Although the succulent look of jade plants may cause you to believe that they need very little water, drought can cause dwarfing, foliage spotting, leaf drop and death. Avoid splashing water on the leaves while watering. Jades need a very well drained soil mix to prevent root rot. A cactus mix will do.

Fertilize jade plants once every three to four months. A liquid houseplant fertilizer will work well. Wait four months before feeding repotted plants.

Jade plants can live quite happily for years while root-bound. If repotting is necessary, do it as new growth starts. When your plant becomes older and top-heavy, move it to a large, heavy pot to prevent tipping over. Allow the soil to become dry after repotting. You can start new plants from stem cuttings.