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Hibiscus can be enjoyed year round. Plan on bringing the plant indoors when night temperatures are expected to be below 50 degrees. Before bringing the plant indoors for the winter, treat it for insects to prevent infesting house plants. If the plant has grown too large for the indoor area, prune it back, but not so severely as to cut into the hard bark areas.

Hibiscus has a high light level requirement, so put the plant in the sunniest place possible. Artificial lights are helpful if your sunny window space is limited.

Keep hibiscus evenly moist by watering regularly. Household humidity levels are often too low for hibiscus. Increase the humidity with frequent misting or place the plant on a tray filled with gravel and partially filled with water; the evaporation of the water will raise the humidity around the hibiscus. Do not fertilize the plant until early February.  At that time begin a twice/month feeding with a bloom booster fertilizer. Don’t prune the hibiscus in the spring, as this will delay the flowering until late summer or early fall.