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The Ficus, or Weeping Fig, has graceful weeping branches and thick, shiny dark green foliage that form a dense treetop above the smooth grey bark. There are many varieties available, some with bright green leaves, some with dark bluish-green leaves. They come with straight natural trunks, braided or spiraled. You will find them in bush and tree form. They make wonderful bonsai!

Ficus provide us with a pleasant indoor environment and are ideal for cleaning the indoor air clean of pollutants.

Ficus prefer lots of light indoors and will grow thin and spindly in too low of a light. Water well each time you water and then allow the plant to dry before you water again. Do not allow it to sit dry for too long between waterings. Fertilize with a general houseplant fertilizer, following the directions on the package.

Ficus are sensitive to changes and will drop lots of leaves in an attempt to adjust to that change. Allow it         time to do so before you panic! If the tree or bush becomes too large do not be afraid to prune it back. It will help keep it happy in it’s pot and compact in its growth.