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Crotons enjoy a brightly lit, sunny area and high humidity. Find it a place near a south or west window and it will be just fine, keeping its bright colors and full shape.

In its growth period water freely, allowing it to dry slightly between waterings. Apply a liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks. Use a general houseplant fertilizer, following the directions on the package. In winter water it sparingly with tepid water.

A good way to raise the humidity is to fill the saucer with pebbles and fill with water. Set the pot on top of the pebbles. Keep water in the saucer at all times. This increases the humidity around the plant.

It will enjoy being outside for the summer on the porch or deck after danger of frost. Start in a shady spot for a week and gradually move it to a spot where it can eventually get sun half the day.

Red spider mites can affect it but this will not happen if you will maintain the proper humidity. If you notice an infestation, typically light webbing under the leaves or along the stems, try spraying with soapy water for 4-5 days in a row. If the infestation continues there are chemical remedies you can use. Please consult our staff to help you choose the best control for you.