There are two types of Garden Planners at my house.

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There are two types of Garden Planners at my house.

There are two types of Garden Planners at my house.

Garden Planner A is patiently waiting until the first few rays of sunshine break through the dreary grey skies of winter. Maybe he’d take a walk. He’s been cooped up in the house all winter long and is anxious to reconnect with nature and the golf course. As he goes to pick up the mail, he looks around the yard and thinks to himself it looks pretty good. He did a lot of yard work last fall and besides the few branches that have fallen on it over winter, yes, it does look good. There should be plenty of time to golf this spring. As he enters the house, his thoughts are confirmed. His wife has left a sweet note and some golf tees for him on the counter.

Garden Planner B has been savoring the quietness of the month of January. She has been attending gardening seminars, browsing through Pinterest and Houzz and talking with her coworkers/ friends about the new landscaping trends in 2018. February she can’t believe that Phil, the little groundhog in Pennsylvania, said 6 more weeks of winter. What does he know? He’s a groundhog. Isn’t there some kind of woolly bear worm prediction? Oh yeah, his fur was mostly black….snowy winter. If that woolly bear worm is right, by St Patrick’s Day the snow will have melted. Hopefully the first flowers from her hellebores will appear soon, signaling spring. It will be important that the landscape maintenance at her house gets completed around that time as her job makes it nearly impossible to do in late March. They did not edge last year and the beds will most certainly need it this year. She grabs a pencil and some paper and starts her first list. Order mulch, 15 yards, to be delivered as soon as the snow melts. Must get spread prior to the bulbs breaking the ground’s surface. Weed too, although there shouldn’t be too many this time of year. Make sure we have enough Preen and brown yard waste bags. Remind hubby not to put Preen in the beds where we will eventually be sowing seeds or over the top of the bulbs we have already planted. Prepare comeback to his usual question, “Why do we always have the most yard waste bags at the curb for pick up?” The rhododendron by the hot tub looked puny last time we were out there. Make sure we have iron sulfate to give it a little feeding this spring. Trim back the oakleaf hydrangea, butterfly bush, clematis and false spirea. Pull the datura seeds out of their cool dark space, the refrigerator, and get them ready to be planted. Pick up a bit of grass seed to sow over the area damaged along the driveway. If the nursery has seed packets out, pick up some lettuce. Check to see if they have pansies too. Call to schedule a lawnmower tune up. Empty the pots filled with winter greens and get the rest out of the shed. Add new soil to nursery shopping list. Reminisce about the silly robin that laid her eggs in the basket on the front door last year. Should probably check bird feeders too. Set the hoses next to the spigots and locate the watering wand. Empty the pond, get start up chemicals and call the electrician to find out why the pump outlet is not working. Call friend and ask if he was serious about sharing some of his Koi. Finally, pick up some golf tees to mark in the beds where we need to plant additional bulbs in the fall. Ask hubby to get list done prior to starting golf season.

The last step is to set up an appointment to have one of Siebenthalers multi-talented pool of designers visit with you at your home to help you pull together all the elements you have chosen and create the Outdoor living space of your dreams!

Until next time, Janice

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