The Slate Grey of Ohio Winter

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The Slate Grey of Ohio Winter

As we head from the dreariness of Ohio’s late winter into the lush renewal of Ohio’s spring there are some items that we should consider to be addressed. Leaf debris, limbs, and litter have accumulated in our landscape beds, the gardens have lost their defining edges, and the protective mulch has decomposed to an organic compost. Not to mention the weeds that will soon begin to show their heads along with all the bulbs and emerging perennials of Spring.
What Items your Landscape Requires this Spring:
The typical “Spring Cleanup” requires:
a) Debris and litter removal from beds and deposited off site
b) A defined, hand spaded edge to all garden beds
c) Application of pre-emergent herbicide (for weed control) and fert  ilizer (both general & special purpose) specifically calculated for your individual plant needs
d) Distribution of a fresh layer of mulch, not too little, not too much. General rule of thumb would be to never exceed 2” in shrub bed, 1” in perennial bed.
e) With your end goal being to provide a well maintained and horticulturally sound “aesthetic look and plant health”


Can Siebenthaler’s provide a multi-visit Maintenance Plan:
Yes, we can provide a maintenance plan that meets your specific needs. We provide maintenance services that run the gamut of one visit a year, to three to four visits a year, all the way to monthly and weekly visits to keep your premises looking its absolute best!
How can I have a Maintenance Estimate provided for my property:
The last step is to set up an appointment to have one of Siebenthalers multi-talented pool of designers visit with you at your home to help you pull together all the elements you have chosen and create the Outdoor living space of your dreams!