Outdoor Living Spaces- Why are they so popular and how can You get one?

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Outdoor Living Spaces- Why are they so popular and how can You get one?

Outdoor living rooms, Outdoor kitchens, Pergolas , Pavilions, Fireplaces, Fire Pits, etc. etc.
You have seen them on Tv, at home and gardens shows and maybe even in your friends and neighbors yards, and you think you are ready to blend your indoor living space to the outdoors. Where do you begin?

First I recommend visiting Houzz or Pinterest to look for inspiration and establish what style you prefer. If you lean towards sleek lines and a more contemporary look but have a more traditional style house , we can help meld the two together. Remember as you are looking this is an extention of you and your personality. You want it to be your own while being mindful of what might increase your Return on investment if and when you decide to sell your home.

According to the real estate site Inman.com , a professionally designed and constructed outdoor living space can have a 100-200% R.O.I. or greater depending on the climate in which you live with an average R.O.I. of 80-90 percent for a plain patio.
The next step is to decide what elements you would like to include in your space. Many of my designs I am working on are incorporating pergolas and pavilions as shelter from the elements as well as creating a strong architectural element complimenting the house.
Pergola’s are open roofed shade structures with various slats and cross beams that cast a shadow within the structure and its surrounding area. The shade can be enhanced with curtains and retractable panels. They can be constructed from wood, metal, vinyl, or composite materials.
Pavilions and gazebos are covered structures with either shingled or metal roofs. They can be designed in a myriad of shapes and sizes to accommodate a party of 2 of a family reunion of 50!
Outdoor kitchens can be attached to the house or located separately in or around your gazebo,pergola ,or patio or deck. They can consist of a simple grill enclosure with stone or segmented concrete walls or incorporate built in grills, refrigerators, wine coolers, shelving , cabinets, and counter space. Some even include pizza ovens!

Fire places, fire pits and fire tables can help extend your use of your outdoor space by a month or more during the course of the year! I know many of my clients host Kentucky Derby parties as well as U of M/OSU parties outside with the help of these elements! These can be prefabricated, custom built or portible depending on your desire and budget.There is almost nothing more relaxing than sitting by a fire with a great book or close friends on a cool fall night!

Speaking of relaxing , one of Siebenthaler’s specialties is creating beautiful water features in and around our client’s outdoor living spaces.As I am writing this, I am sitting at my kitchen table listening to the tranquil sound of the babbling water from my waterfall. However, a water feature can be a simple recirculating stand alone fountain, a cored out drilled boulder with water spilling out of it into a dry creek or a pristine stream cascading over a series of falls into a Koi filled pond . Water Weirs are another popular water feature that is very low maintenance and great for smaller spaces Water weirs(spillways) are installed in a free standing wall giving your outdoor space a sense of movement and tranquility without taking up ½ of your yard! They can be built into a sitting wall, flow into a swimming pool or create a focal point as a stand alone element.
The last step is to set up an appointment to have one of Siebenthalers multi-talented pool of designers visit with you at your home to help you pull together all the elements you have chosen and create the Outdoor living space of your dreams!

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